Being a Good Father

Family is the first place where values and character of a person are shaped. Family is also the place where we devote our love and affection to one another, filling our souls with serenity and peace. There is no doubt about the important role a father plays in a family. So much so that in […]

Effective Communication in Islam

Human being is social and civilized by creation. He cannot live alone in this world.  He needs to live with people. He needs to communicate with them in order to meet both his own needs and those of others. Communication is the reflection of emotions on actions. Every person wants their own feelings and thoughts […]

Angullia Community Pantry Launch

A momentus day for us at Angullia Mosque as we officially become the 34th Social Development Mosque in Singapore and the 7th in District South. Playing a part in contributing back to the community around us is nothing new to Angullia Mosque as we have consistently done so in the past. However, today’s Launch event […]

Volunteer Appreciation Day 2022

Our inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Day that included some of our major supporters and community partners of the past year. The hardwork of our volunteer leaders, volunteers, and community partners really make the mosque tick and they are the backbone of our operations. From the MMB & Staff of Angullia Mosque, Thank You!

Distributing Korban Meats with Pek Kio CC

Blessed evening! Staff and Volunteers from Angullia Mosque together with Pek Kio CC distributed residual Korban Meats to friends and neighbours earlier today. To more great partnerships and collaborations for the community!

Migrant Worker Legal Clinics at Angullia Mosque

Angullia Mosque is happy to announce the launch of the Migrant Worker Legal Clinics @ Angullia Mosque in collaboration with the Law Society Pro Bono Services team. The launch was graced by Guest of Honour Mr Zaqy Mohamad We are also happy to have members of MOM’s Assurance, Care and Engagement team present at the […]